Sim-Rally Islas Canarias

Sim-Rally Islas Canarias 2019 consisted of a virtual car Racing event bringing together real life and virtual  competition and aiming at providing an example of the  professionalization of SimRacing for drivers, media, sponsors and the general public.

ACi e-Sports was appointed by the Committee in charge of organizing the Rally Islas Canarias 2019, with over 40 years of history, which is part of the European Rally Championship 2019. Both Rally and Sim-Rally happened simultaneously, and the latter was hosted in the Rally’s premises.

Assetto Corsa Simulator

2-4 May 2019

Prizes for Professional and Amateur drivers

24h Streaming with Casters for the Professional competition


Competition Stage

ACi e-Sports recreated the real timed section in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, part of the Rally Islas Canarias 2019.

Hyundai i20 R5

Drivers were provided the Hyundai i20 R52, which allowed them to have a unique life-like driving experience.


Amateur: 3 tries; 1 try in order to know the track was not timed, 2 timed tries.

Professional: 15min. For each driver, as many tries as posible withint that slot.

Only the best time registered by each driver in its respective timed triers will be considered.

Categoría Profesional y Amateur

12 pilotos de 8 escuderías y +100 pilotos amateur.

Car and circuit

Official Standings – 1st Sim-Rally Islas Canarias

Professional Drivers Amateur Drivers
Driver Racing Team Driver
1st Aday Coba Lopez Vodafone Giants Jesua
2nd Miguel Alexander Cabral Ruiz VRT Sergei Remennik
3rd Adrián Falcón Team Iridium Isai

Prizes – Podium Ceremony

Professional Drivers

Amateur Drivers

Specification of the SimRacing Simulator used in the 1st Sim-Rally Islas Canarias

Professional simulator with the highest audiovisual technology, high range components and a modular adjustable platform for all drivers, which made all participants have a real life Rally experience.

  • Modular platform in anodized aluminium with case rack 2200mm x 1100mm
  • Adjustable structure in height and depth
  • Adjustable Cockpit in height and depth through sliding rails
  • 2DOF motion system with Silentblocks suspension
  • Backet-like seat with FIA standards
  • Sparco© harnessess with 4 fastening points 4
  • Steering Wheel Thrustmaster© T300
  • Progressive handbrake and secuential Sparco© gear shift
  • 3 27” screens
  • 5.1 thx Logitech© Z906 sound system
  • Assetto Corsa© simulation software
  • Sai 1500w

Impact on Media of 1st Sim-Rally Islas Canarias